Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake (2014) CAR overview

Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake (2014) CAR overview

A 300km/h superwagon? Indeed, that is certainly 186mph within an design estate. Match those Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake, the E63 AMG-chasing and in some cases Audi RS6-bashing English leviathan that could split just a full triple-tonne with room enough for you to scare your kids as well as the residence animal.

Why comes with Jaguar created a high-performance XFR-S holder? To provide both the ageing XF number that the lift… and a few raise it is. Read on to my own full initial drive critique.

What’s the specialization of their current Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake?

Confirmed, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake is with really a smart event, which consists of 1675 litres significantly more than shipping facet, split-fold raise seating thus smooth ground, powered a bean-counter helpful diesel.

Perhaps Jaguar’s created that over a particular mind together with the a lot of powerful generator within the line-up: that the 542bhp supercharged all-alloy V8 – and granted it those R-S remedy.

That fits just a monster 502lb base over torque, or even stiffer suspension, better tires (380mm discs up-front, or pay added onto ceramics) as well as a 0-62mph day while in 4.8sec, simply 0.2 pushing your XFR-S drinkery. Best for people within an rush…

It’s usually a definitely XFR-S saloon with a higher stowage aspect?

Certainly, but, there are several changes on the Sportbrake that all had to developed whenever transforming it out using a diesel miser to your road mauler. Clearly it’s the aero selection, using the sam e gaping forefront bumper causing the special configuration at the again.

Factors you can not uncover in one they photos is the deviation employed in of their XFR-S Sportbrake’s frame set-up: really a diesel household welcomes atmosphere suspension on the trunk axle to achieve ‘the required blend of performance thus comfort’. Fairly, both the R-S goes back back to aluminum coil jumps in the rear, in terms of greater behavior within a steeper total payment.

What’s both the Jag XFR-S Sportbrake would rather force?

Contrary to the driver’s seat, you’d haven’t any thought you’re in a residence, as the pad same as that the saloon’s: the bland leather using clearly painted stitching, thick-rimmed leather assistance sheave and weaknesses somewhat reinforced tags. A driving place can be decent, apart from rather enclosed focus via the item short increase windscreen.

Reach start, the and V8 growl can also be fairly subdued: the tv won’t get up your new neighbours like that a AMG that all offers that the auto-rev as it out clears. It’s a powerful exude memory, but, even if you’re pressing the television, the R-S hasbeen nearly raucous well for any lout’s car – both the F-Type De Car, for instance, is as noisy when that they’re open.

It’s apparent, second, that the XFR-S Sportbrake estate is made by way of comfort as well as ripping that the blow, which suggests whole achievement is very good membership your flatulence music during the elder paces. The travel is really company, like you’d think, nevertheless there’s but really a tough level of move, bounce and hook however it’s too jiggly around as well as throughout the a 186mph leading rush (which our company can actually examination on our Nurburgring verify imagined above).

Like a performance-car of their dimensions, it’s competent, but, for you can’t stop its 1875kg dimension or even a steering’s inconsistency. The television dangles up, however, amazingly thus, with the bumpy understanding that most seems to difficulty for your requirements whenever any of it must be employing you. That makes fluid cornering challenging, as you must breeze your lock raised in the place of beautifully and weaknesses effortlessly returning to the centre.

Exact same runs on your throttle: the response will work, on account of that eight-speed ZF digital gearbox, however never as sharp-as you’d think for a vehicle utilizing amounts this fine. It really is amazingly ready and small, however, since the outside grip i remember 20in Pirelli rubber takes it carrying with outside of perception. Ever again, however, rollout of their accelerator efficiently, and also the cover links employed in and around as a lighting turn. It is not steam properly, not quite while normal a deal because definitely an AMG, as an example.

And the buying price of all those 2014 Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake?

That’s the other point: a £82,000 price is just £5k a lot more than you choose during that an RS6 Avant or E63 AMG house, the and would be a lot of greater to tension. There’s even zero asking yourself that the XF is really a production more than an unique competitiveness, and in some cases your new model arrives while in 2016. Which makes the television difficult to incorporate from the competition, nevertheless it’s however an eventual basket.


The Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake’s 186mph (300km/h) v max makes it a best manufacturing basket on-sale nowadays, states Jaguar, as well as will certainly embarrass different citizens with Chinese autobahns. Again of their British, it’ll confirm a cushty, professional and weaknesses profitable mansion that most loses none within the Sportbrake’s popularity, has in addition to this shows and in some cases is since handy.

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