2014 Hyundai Elantra GT Hatchback Automatic


Atone stage, both the words GT represented gran turismo and have been attached to automobiles the item weren’t quite suitable for racing however, had been rapid and weaknesses fashionable still. This individual typically had two-doors, sitting as for four within an two-plus-two style, and weaknesses formal decorations. A few James Attachment DB-series Aston Martins come to head, when do a selection of Ferraris, Maseratis, and also Alfas.

But, the designation includes whilst be considered so broadly and also blindly used regarding really have dropped most of contrast. When research, look at the Hyundai Elantra GT. Updated as for 2014, any of it uses the identical front-drive powertrain as will anything else in their Elantra list, meaning productivity that’s just about average in between compacts.

Both the hatchback could be the just Elantra body-style permitted to wear GT badges, and also using a visual point-of-view, that it’s so a contrast versus its own lineup-mates. You’ll find delicate suspension differences from most other Elantras, way too, that you could examine on below. (A identical startup is currently on both the car and weaknesses coupe’s new Game slim, which may have come personal within a full 2014 refresh.)

MOAR Strength

Both the 2014 GT connects additional Elantras in implementing a brand new 2.0-liter twin-cam four by way of versatile device timing and weaknesses immediate treatment. The television produces 173 hp so 154 lb-ft of all torque. Both the amounts don’t view powerful in contrast to a different vehicles noticed within this size class—the turbo-charged Toyota Attention E packs 252 horsepower and also 270 lb-ft—but they’re not too adverse between clearly aspirated powerplants over equivalent displacement. So they’re large advances significantly more than the in their Elantra GT people checked this season, which highlighted really a port-injected 1.8-liter four making 148 horsepower so 131 lb-ft.

That past GT, of which taken a six-speed handbook, needed 8.3 a few minutes to hit 60 miles per hour and 16.5 onto hide a quarter-mile. My own 2014 GT trial vehicle was first heavier—3029 pounds versus 2949—but it have done manage to lean practically a half-second removed which faster 0-to-60 occasion so lined a fraction at 16.1 seconds.

Both the altered effectiveness comes despite having my own attempt car’s automatic connection, which offers handbook transferring should you tilt the handle forefront nor aft (there are not any paddles), however the upshifts work as slow. Downshifts would be a bit more energetic, however, this is not a performance that’s planning to fulfill any individual that really enjoys operating. That lack of a GT-style operator reward perhaps pertains to the discharge mention. It’s subdued in subdued car but converts marginally asthmatic if the motor is just sent toward its vitality level.

Fuel-economy predictions on your brand new motor rate that the declare. Although enhanced displacement and higher production typically aren’t conducive with improved mpg, you can assume the adjustments of being reduced by the addition of immediate gas shot. No. My personal 2013 Elantra GT was first scored by the EPA for twentysix mpg metropolis so 37 street, both the 2014 at 24/33. Our organization manages to do do greater by my personal own personal documents, nonetheless, controlling 26 mpg within this most current test against 2 3 for the 2013 type. Individuals serve that along on the lessen exciting issue in the intelligent.

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